Home extensions

Grow your space along with your life

The decision to renovate your home can be triggered by a number of life events:

  • You many need more space for a growing family;
  • You may be caring for an aging parent;
  • The young adults just won't leave;
  • You may need more room for entertaining or hobbies;
  • You may start working from home; or
  • You may be in a position to indulge in a special retreat!

If you've outgrown your current space but continue to love your address, creating an extension to your home is a savvy choice, especially once you weigh up the costs (both financial and social) of selling and moving.

Whether you want to go up or out, our Modure specialists provide the best advice and can help you plan an extension that's geared to your budget.

Modure looks after all aspects of your project from initial planning and approvals, through to engineering and build. During projects our team go above and beyond to maximise satisfaction and minimise stress—you can trust that your investment is in good hands.

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