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10 steps to a great reno plan

Many people believe they should have a strong plan when they contact a builder or designer. The opposite can be true.

If you have your ideas set in stone you may miss the valuable, cost-saving advice that only a builder/designer’s experience can add.

Instead, create a list of criteria to brief your expert. This allows your needs and wants to be clearly communicated and lets the builder give you constructive, creative and realistic feedback.

Here’s how:

  1. Outline your project type: renovation, extension, knock-down or new build
  2. List the current problems of the home: too small, run-down, privacy issues, etc
  3. List your broad goals: family home (2 adults, 3 kids), sell for profit, granny flat.
  4. Define your vision in a sentence: Country style, Bali beachhouse, Aussie mod.
  5. Define and prioritise your needs as ‘critical’ ‘wants’ and ‘wishes’. Breaking your ideas up like this helps to provide an overview and communicates where energy should be focused.
  6. Keep a visual scrapbook or Pinterest board of your style. Be sure to clearly mark what appeals to you about each image.
  7. List special interests to give insights on how your space is used: eg we love displaying our kids’ art, we’d like to be sustainable, we go fishing and camping.
  8. Outline any site issues: mosquito area, poor ventilation/breeze, flood area etc
  9. Calculate your budget: be upfront about this as it acts as a parameter to keep the ideas contained and realistic.
  10. Add anything else that may be of help.


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